Tooth Sealants for Kids in Sammamish, WA

You may have noticed that your natural teeth contain a series of grooves, especially the cusps of your back teeth. These grooves are vulnerable to debris, which may become caught and is very difficult for a child to reach when brushing. If not removed, the debris from food (mostly) can cause decay to build and thus increase the risk of cavities.

To help with this common situation, Dr. Jumani provides dental sealants to fill the grooves and deflect debris. The sealants make brushing much easier for your child and greatly reduce the chance of dental cavities.


The sealants that we use at our practice are the same color as the tooth. They are durable, easy to place and very helpful in preventing cavities on the biting surfaces of the molars.


The procedure is simple and can benefit children of all ages (even some adults!). To begin, our dentist cleans the teeth and removes any debris or decay. He then paints on the sealant resin and allows for it to harden. That’s it! Sealants only seal 1-2 surfaces of a tooth, and it is not possible to place sealants in between teeth. So, it is pertinent to still continue brushing, flossing and maintaining optimal hygiene.

FAQs About Kids Dental Sealants


Are dental sealants necessary?

Sealants are a quick, easy and non-invasive method of preventing cavities. Data from 3 randomized controlled trials suggest that in children and adolescents with intact occlusal surfaces, the use of sealants compared may reduce the incidence of cavities in permanent molars by 73%. 

How much do dental sealants cost?

Dental sealants are considered preventive treatment and in majority of the situations they are covered at 100% by insurance companies. That being said, there are dozens of unique insurance plans out there and it is hard to predict the exact cost without looking it up. If you have a question about cost, please feel free to reach out to our office. 

Do dental sealants hurt?

Most kids that can sit through a dental exam, cleaning and radiographs have no difficulty with having sealants placed on their teeth. Most of the discomfort from placing sealants originates from keeping your mouth open for a few minutes, and having to sit still! 🙂 

Do dental sealants wear off?

Sealants are a very easy procedure to perform, but a very easy procedure to perform incorrectly. We take great care while placing sealants on, and our retention rate for these is exceedingly high. That being said, even the best done sealants sometimes chip/wear off. At our practice if a sealant chips off within 3 years of placing it, we resurface it at no cost to you. 

Do dental sealants taste bad?

Dental sealants do not taste bad, however the liquid used to clean out the teeth prior to placing them sometimes tastes sour. We try our hardest to ensure that your child does not taste this and has an overall pleasant sealant experience. 

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