Crowns and Baby Root Canals

Kid’s Dental Crowns in Sammamish, WA

When cavities are large or your child’s tooth is badly damaged, traditional fillings may not be enough. With dental crowns such as Sprig Crowns, Dr. Jumani is able to protect and repair your child’s tooth with little discomfort.

A dental crown is similar to a “cap,” which is placed over the damaged tooth to restore function. This restoration is made using a very durable material, which is held into place over the cracked or broken tooth. Esthetic crowns have the added bonus of being crafted to the color of your child’s natural smile. This discreet restorative treatment can be performed in our office and Dr. Jumani ensures your child’s comfort.

Crowns match the look and function of your natural teeth so your child can enjoy his or her favorite foods and can smile with confidence.

If the cavity is very large and already into/close to  the nerve of the tooth, the treatment of choice to save the tooth would be a “Baby root-canal”. Unlike adult root canals that take a considerable amount of time, a baby root canal takes a few additional minutes/steps to complete.

Please note: Esthetic crowns are performed on a case-by-case basis and Dr. Jumani will identify if your child is a good candidate for this procedure or not.


There are two types of crowns offered at our office. Esthetic Zirconia Crowns like Sprig Crowns and Stainless steel crowns that are made of surgical grade stainless steel, manufactured by 3M ESPE. 


After a determination is made that a tooth will benefit from a crown, the tooth is put to sleep with some sleepy juice (numbing drops) and the cavity portion is cleaned out. If the nerve is not exposed we place a medicament to calm the nerve, shape the tooth to fit a crown and glue the crown on. 

If the nerve is exposed, a pulpotomy is completed, the tooth is shaped to receive a crown and a crown is glued on. 

Dental Crown FAQs


How much do crowns cost?

Most insurance companies cover part of the cost of dental crowns. Esthetic crowns are not the standard of care, so coverage for these would depend on your insurance plan. Please contact our office if you have further questions and we can help figure this out for you. 

How long do dental crowns last?

If done correctly, dental crowns done on primary teeth should last as long as the tooth is present in the mouth. Sometimes crowns come loose after routine wear and tear and in these situations we can often glue the crown back on without any issues. Esthetic crowns tend to be more fragile and can fracture easily, hence we tell patients and families to be cautious after we place these. 

Are crowns as strong as real teeth?

While nothing is as strong as our real teeth, dental crowns do come pretty close. Patient’s usually never have any issues biting down on hard/crunchy foods. These crowns are very durable. 

Why do crowns fail?

When the cavity is already into the nerve of the tooth and the patient is not in any pain, the standard of care is to complete a baby root canal/pulpotomy. In this procedure the infected portion of the nerve is cleaned out, a medicine is placed to calm/preserve the residual nerve and a crown is placed on top of it. We try our hardest to avoid having to do a baby root canal, however when necessary it is a very easy and effortless procedure for both the patient and the clinician. 

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